Raeda.co.uk - Supporting change, releasing potential

Our business is built on supporting our clients to succeed.

We specialise in working with individuals, teams and organisations to improve performance and services. Whenever possible we do this by helping to prevent intractable problems from occurring, through input at the early stages of a problem. We identify potential solutions and develop clear strategies and actions.

Where the intractable problems are already present we work with the key stakeholders to find solutions.
Our aim is to help to create sustainable solutions for stakeholders.

We do this through....


working with individuals or teams to set goals, improve performance and deliver results within specific timescales.


providing support to individuals enabling them to make a significant transition in knowledge, skills and thinking.

Performance Improvement

working with clients, using proven techniques, to identify the actions needed to create and sustain improvements in key target areas.


working with clients to turn readily available data into useful information that supports decision making and improvements in performance.


working with clients to identify possible actions to shape the client’s organisational future to deliver success with the resources available.


objective and independent review of the key issues preventing delivery of strategies, plans and performance.